Scratch GPIO Extension For The Raspberry Pi

The WIC GPIO extension for Scratch 2 opens up the GPIO to allow for the driving of addressable LED strips using the WS2812 LEDs. It provides a range of commands used to control the outputs.

[eyes direction block]

This controls the eyes allowing you to select a direction for the eyes to look in, and a time before they move back into the center. The block will halt execution of the code until the timer has timed out, so use it in a separate flow to any code you require to happen during the this time.

[led colour and addressing block]

This block allows you to select an individual LED to light in the selected colour, or to light all of the LEDs in the selected colour. To create a chase effect on the LED strip you can add the block multiple times, selecting a different LED on each one. To control the speed of the chase add a wait block between each of the LED blocks specifying the same time on each block.

[led patterns block]

The LED patterns block allows you to select one of the following preset patterns to be displayed on the LED strips:

  1. Chasing single pixel
  2. Chasing pixel group
  3. Inverted chasing single pixel
  4. Inverted chasing pixel group
  5. Fade through rainbow of colours
  6. Red / Green / Blue alternating colours
  7. ???
  8. ???
  9. ???
  10. ???

[jaw position block]

This block allows you to control the jaw of the skeleton and has settings for open and closed. When used in conjunction with a sound being played it is possible to make the skeleton appear to be talking.



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